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#28498 Datenquelle zu ESR Zahlungen (BAN03002) fehlt

Posted by Marco Graber on 6 May 2015 - 15:10



Seit einem Upgrade von SAP auf die Version 9.1 PL6 kann das Layout ESR Zahlungen nicht mehr geöffnet werden. Es erscheint die Meldung "... Pfad BAN.SWA_PY_ISR_Payments nicht gefunden".




Die Meldung erscheint auch noch nach einem Reinstall der Datasources und Layouts.


Kann hier jemand weiterhelfen?


Coresuite Version 4.70

swissPayment  4.75.21730 


Vielen Dank und Gruss

Marco Graber

#22524 Get Printed Document

Posted by it-Manara on 5 May 2013 - 15:09

Hi All,

we need with SBO Add-on under coresuite framework to get the printed document, and then we need to convert it to pdf file

could you please give us how we can get it with API, and what is the event we need?

#28615 Change/Remove UDF Mapping

Posted by jbissot on 24 June 2015 - 06:27

I tried to install the Finance cube, but the install failed. After looking at the SQL logs I think one of the selected UDF maps may be the problem. When I attempt to reinstall the cube, it no longer prompts for the UDF maps. Clicking the UDF Mapping under Addons - Coresuite Cube, lists the mappings but I do not see anyway to clear them. How do I clear/reset the mappings in the Financial cube so I can retry the install?


Thank you.

#28829 Hide Sales BOM Components on Marketing Documents

Posted by tawnie on 8 March 2016 - 10:55

Dear Experts,


Is there a way i can hide the sales BoM component items on a sales order using coresuite customize and still maintain my document total.


I have a scenario for a coca cola bottler where the order comprises of liquid, crates and bottles and they are all priced. Thus assembly BOM is not working for me.





#28824 easy row function - Summe der Spalte Bruttogewinn

Posted by Jacqueline Wutke on 26 February 2016 - 16:52

Hallo Zusammen,


ich habe eine easy row function erstellt, welche ganz einfach die Spalte "Bruttogewinn" im Kundenauftrag summieren soll und den Gesamtwert anzeigen soll.

Dies habe ich einfach über den Parameter $[$38.123.Number] und der Summenfunktion gemacht.

Das funktioniert soweit auch wunderbar. Wenn jedoch bei einer Zeile der Bruttogewinn = 0 ist, also das Feld leer, dann funktioniert die Regel nicht mehr und es erscheint eine rote Fehlermeldung in der Statuszeile. Im Log steht nur "Die Eingabezeichenfolge hat das falsche Format.".

Hat jemand eine Idee warum die Regel nicht mehr funktioniert, wenn es einen Null-Wert gibt? Oder wie man das umgehen kann?


Vielen Dank für jeden Tip.



#28817 Convert SQL code to C# code for optimizer rule on A/P invoice

Posted by ThijsG on 12 February 2016 - 16:54

I created an optimizer rule to check for duplicated BP reference numbers on A/P invoices.

This rule checks A/P invoice draft documents on BP reference numbers when you want to add a new A/P invoice.


It seems like the code is correct but it the function doesn't work.

As it is not possible to debug the SQL code I need to convert it to cSharp as I will be able to put some message boxes in.

As I am not familiar with cSharp is there anyone who would be able to convert my Optimer SQL code to cSharp so I can see what is missing in my rule. Below the code.



@Ref AS NVARCHAR(100) 
SET @CardCode = '[%G;4]'
SET @Ref = '[%G;14]'
select case when (SELECT COUNT (T0.DocEntry) FROM ODRF T0 where T0.ObjType = 18 and T0.CardCode = @CardCode and 
T0.NumAtCard = @Ref and T0.DocStatus = 'O') = 0
then NULL
   ELSE 1

#28505 How to get values that are not saved in the DB and not displayed in the UI?

Posted by Guest on 7 May 2015 - 09:28

(Original Blog Post from Juan Pablo Guerena-Moran, coresuite expert, posted at the 03.05.2013)



When programming with coresuite optimizer, we often create rules that interact directly with the UI of the form we are working on. In this case, we only deal with information that is visible in the active form (for example, by using pVal.GetFromUID). When we want to access information that is not displayed, but else stored inside one of the tables of SAP, the general approach is to create a SQL query that allow us to get the data we are looking for.

What happens, however,  when we want to retrieve information that is not being displayed and has not been stored yet in any table? How would it be possible to obtain this kind of data? Fortunately, optimizer allows us to take advantage not only of the functions defined in the coresuite framework, but also the ones in the SAP SDK as well.

Let’s say we want to know if the draft document we have open at that moment has been approved, or which is its current status. Maybe the approach would be running a query to get that information from the draft documents table. This is possible, but first we would need to get the draft's ID. This may be a little hard to grasp for the uninitiated, but can be easily solved by using the following code:


This code stores in the variable "DocAuthStatus" the value of the Authorization Status 
(WddStatus). We can then incorporate this information in the logic of our customize rule.


This is very useful, and this is an uncomplicated technique to obtain information from most SAP forms. Give it a try and forget saying "no" to your customers’ requirements


#28798 How to get values that are not saved in the DB and not displayed in the UI?

Posted by ChristianB on 20 January 2016 - 17:58



could you pleade update the links?


Best Regards



#28823 Neuen Masterartikel für bestehende Variation verwenden - Fehler

Posted by Dtechnik2013 on 26 February 2016 - 07:50



folgenden Bug habe ich in der eCommerce Schnittstelle gefunden.


Wenn der Masterartikel bei einer bestehenden Variation getauscht werden soll, scheint dieses der logische Weg zu sein:


1. Bei dem alten Masterartikel die bestehende Variationen löschen



2. Nun den neuen Masterartikel auswählen und "Neue Variation basierend auf existierendem Produkttypen" auswählen.


3. Achtung: Dann unbedingt Haken setzen (sonst stürzt SAP komplett ab):




4. Weiter und alle Variations-Artikel eintragen -> Anschließend Fehler:





5. Nun noch mal den alten Masterartikel prüfen (evtl. ist ja doch noch eine Variation o.ä. vorhanden:





Eine Variation besteht nicht mehr. Es sind allerdings noch die Einstellungen für die Attribute vorhanden. Diese lassen sich nicht löschen.

Das Problem kann scheinbar nur gelöst werden, wenn eine komplett neue Variation erstellt wird -> Also doppelte Arbeit  :lol:

#28785 WHERE for UDT Handler Linked Table

Posted by jgroetzner on 4 January 2016 - 15:36



I like to use the UDT Handler LInked Table with a Where condition to get a subselect from the Table in the Combobox. For Example I added a UDT-Handler to Business Partner and within one column of the UDT I like to fill the Combobox with all Names from OCPR (Ansprechpartner) from this special Customer (SELECT Name FROM OCPR WHERE CardCode='[%CardCode]'. How to realize this? Or is it possible with standard formatted search? But which Field_Id is the CardCode in the UDT-Handler Form?




#20333 How to load external DLLs in coresuite

Posted by Paolo Manfrin on 23 November 2011 - 19:37

Hi All, one question that raised up often was "How can I load external dlls in coresuite so that I can use it with customize, designer, etc...).

This is possible considering what you want to achieve:

1.The dll should be loaded only in some clients
2. The dll should be loaded in all the clients

Here a description how to achieve the results in both cases:


In this case you should place the DLL under "...\AddOns\COR\coresuite\COR_Customize\DLL"
where the root "...\AddOns" is the default directory for SAP AddOns.



In this case the best is to create a .sip package that you can import and distribute via the coresuite administration menu.

1. Create a folder called COR_Customize
2. Create a folder called DLL inside COR_Customize
3. Add your DLLs into the DLL folder
4. Zip the main folder "COR_Customize" like "COR_Customize.zip"
5. Rename your tip package (e.g. MyDLL.zip)
6. Change the package extension from .zip to .sip (e.g. MyDLL.sip)
7. Your package is ready to be imported using coresuite administration

NB: The folders name is CASE SENSITIVE!!! Please respect lower and upper case.

This second procedure is also visually described into the coresuite manual at section "Install external DLLs".

Kind Regards,

#28830 UDT Handler in subject to formmode / Problems with empty parameters

Posted by arewer on 8 March 2016 - 12:16

Hi together,


i have some questions about UDT Handlers:

1. Is it possible to allow the right click for the UDT Handler only in View Mode? I want to avoid foreign key errors in the UDT, for example when I want to store additional informations to a business partner in a 1:N linked UDT.


2. When I open the UDT Handler with an empty parameter an error message appears, but it should be possible to use empty parameters in my solution. How can I open the handler with an empty parameter?


3. Another question is already discussed in an another topic but I don't have an answer.


Any help is appreciated!