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Fiona Shao

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In Topic: Layout for formtype 1250000102

17 July 2015 - 15:55

Hi Pieter,

Designer 4.85 include this formtype, please upgrade you designer.



In Topic: Develop an Addin: Which DLLs should I use?

17 July 2015 - 15:09

Hi Martin,

please come to our support@coresystems.ch and attach debuglog file to us. then we could analysis what is the issue on that.



In Topic: GridConfigurator - OpenDocument with FormType Syntax

17 July 2015 - 14:15

Hi Christian,

in the Rule column, you could choose <C#> and write the rule by your self like call the function from designer.



In Topic: Print to PDF when creating an invoice

17 July 2015 - 13:55

Hello badoqu,

you also need reference LayoutHelper dll in your project so that you can use tis function. Please contact our support@coresystems.ch if you need this dll.



In Topic: Is there a way to export to .xlsx instead of .xls?

17 July 2015 - 13:51

Hello Nadeem,

So far we don't have function export report as xlsx. we will consider this improvement in our future release.

best regards,